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Your Privacy Is Protected
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We've come up with a collection of frequently asked questions that our customer service team has encountered, if your question isn't answered on this page, please feel free to Contact Us.


General Vigorelle Related Questions:

  • How does Vigorelle work for women?
    Vgorell Cream should be applied directly to the area of your genitalia - the underside of your clitoral hood. In such a case, natural ingredients stimulate the tissue on the surface and the nerve endings. It promotes the dilation of vessels and the blood flow around your clitoris that greatly improves your sensitivity. Women’s bodies are individual and the response time may vary. You will experience higher and quicker effects if you stimulate your clitoris rubbing and touching its area or applying other foreplay. Vigorelle also helps enhance natural lubrication.
  • Does Vigorelle ensure permanent results?
    Yes, your gains are permanent. The customers report that they can feel improvements in three and more uses of the cream. And then your sensations become only better and better.
  • Can Vigorelle recover sex drive and sensitivity lost with the lapse of time?
    It is reported that 46% of American women have had such changes in their sexual function. Women usually experience a lot of hormonal, psychological and physical changes during their lives that can negatively influence their sexual activities. Vigorelle is formulated to recover sexual desire and intense sexual pleasure in women. You may use the cream to get back your spicy and hot sex life or experience absolutely new sensations, joy, and satisfaction.
  • Does Vigorelle cause any side effects?
    Vigorelle contains only natural ingredients with no artificial colorings, flavors or chemical elements. Therefore, no side effects are reported.
  • Will higher sex drive confuse my partner?
    We think that your higher sex initiative will excite and enjoy your partner. Men feel more self-confident when they know that they are wanted by a sexy and attractive woman. If you feel that your partner feels good, both of you are pleased.


Order Related Questions:

  • Is Vigorelle price affordable?
    The company uses only top quality active ingredients, thoroughly selected and dosed. They cost more than cheap substitutions but the price for the cream is still affordable. In addition, you will receive great deals and discounts if you order in bulk. A small quantity will cost you more.
  • How can I be sure that my placed order is processed? Is it secure to purchase online? When should I wait for it to arrive?
    You may easily make your order through the official website as it is the safest place to purchase Vigorelle. You will get no fakes. All your payments are secure, no personal information is passed to third parties. The company processes every order within 48 hours and sends it to you by a courier (you may choose between an express or a regular delivery and receive your purchase overnight within the continental USA). Packages are discreet and contain no label or sign of what is inside.



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