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Vigorelle is a blend of natural vitamins, herbs, and oils, including aloe vera with its nourishing properties, the highly-absorbable olive oil, and shea butter with its moisturizing effect. All these ingredients create an excellent soothing environment, and peppermint helps all them to get easily penetrated through the skin.


Stress, fatigue, anxiety, aging and a lot of other factors affect our lives on a daily basis. So, there is nothing strange that we feel tired and experience no desire for sexual activity at the end of a rough day. Vigorelle is a perfect solution for women who want to revive their sexual lives, increase sexual pleasure and experience absolutely new sensations. Its fresh mint smell, smooth consistency, and quick results will ensure all these effects boosting libido in bed.


This cream is a safe formula that leads to no side effects and requires no prescription. The topical sexual enhancement product is recommended by doctors for any woman who wants to restore her sexual performance and experience unbelievable sensations. And it actually keeps its promises by improving blood circulation, strengthening body tissue, relaxing the nervous system, enhancing vaginal lubrication and ensuring adequate oxygenation.


Vigorelle is a next generation cream designed to boost women’s sexual health. And such ingredients as L-Arginine, Ginkgo Biloba, Wild Yam, Damiana, and Suma play a significant role in it by supporting hormonal levels and sexual response. Its potent antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E, combat free radicals and protect tissue integrity in the body.



 Dr. Karen Vieira, Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, Master of Science in Management



The use of herbs and their blends traces back to the Ayurvedic texts, the earliest written records. However, medical doctors usually do not want to prescribe natural healing mixtures to their patients. Why is it so?


There are several reasons. Years and decades ago, doctors were not taught to use herbs and natural blends in medical schools and were not trained to apply them in medicine. Therefore, a lot of them do not want now to lose their time reading books and learning absolutely new things – they even do not take it seriously. Notwithstanding the fact that natural herbs were the basis of modern pharmacy around the world, doctors did not use them in practice.


The second reason is interesting tight relations between medical experts and pharmaceutical companies. Doctors prescribe their patients the well-advertised and promoted medications – the same drugs for almost all patients. And patients think that they are effective as these drugs appear on the Internet, television, radio and in magazines. In reality, doctors prescribe what pharmaceutical salesmen have recommended them. And in such a situation, there is no place for herbs and natural mixtures.


But the medical practice of the 21st century has revolutionized the medical world. More and more scientific studies and clinical trials go back to herbal remedies and prove that these time-honored and tested means are effective and safe.


In the 1950s, analytical techniques allowed identifying active ingredients in individual herbs. Afterward, human studies were performed using the standardized extracts of single and polyherbal formulations that showed its high efficiency within clinical trials.


Today, medical experts do not neglect herbal remedies, learn and research into natural formulas, and recommend their patients to use particular herbal remedies. Doctors approve the use of natural supplements within sex enhancement industry as they are highly potent. And the results of clinical trials support it demonstrating scientific evidence.

And Vigorelle formulated to increase women’s sexual energy and desire is no exception. 



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