Instant Female Arousal Results Guaranteed

Apply Vigorelle cream to improve your sexual arousal in seconds

Your Privacy Is Protected

Your Privacy Is Protected
Descreet Shipping In Plain Boxes

Satisfaction Guarantee

If your gains do not satisfy you for any reason, you may send back any portion of the unused product within two months and receive your money back. The company provides such a generous guarantee as it knows that Vigorelle is of top quality.

Feel Safe And Secure With A Full Product Guarantee!

The manufacturer gives its customers 60 days to give a try to the product. If no desired results are achieved or you don’t like them for any reason, just return the unused packages within 67 days upon the receipt of your order (60-days trial and one week for return shipping). You will get 100% repayment for the goods returned (less shipping and handling fees).


If you want to save your money by ordering in bulk, don’t worry and purchase any package you like. In such a case, you will also have a 60-day trial with no risks. If no expected results gained, you should simply send back two opened containers (a 2-month supply) and other unopened packs within 67 days upon the receipt of your purchase. The company repays you the entire amount excluding shipping and handling fees.


You may not return any item if 60 days have already expired as the company will not provide you the refund or ship the order back to you. 


Your Privacy Stays Private


Leading Edge Health cares about its customers’ privacy and takes all and any efforts to leave your personal information confidential. The company does not sell or lease its customers’ names, phone numbers or emails. If additional order information is required, the support center will contact you. 


Secure Online Ordering


You may make your order online, and the payment process is completely secure. The company uses a cutting-edge encryption security technology. So, when you place your order and provide your credit card number, the website applies an address verification system comparing your billing address with your credit card registered by the bank. The company does not proceed with payment if they do not match. 


Discreet Billing


You may make your order and pay for it directly on the official website.  Leading Edge Health accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Eurocard. PayPal payments are also available.


If you purchase Vigorelle by e-mail, you will pay for it with a check, money order, bank cashier check, or a credit card. All orders made by fax (1-702-921-6366) will be paid for by credit cards. You may also call 1-866-269-3487 to choose what you want to purchase.


The company accepts all orders 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365/366 days a year.



Discreet Packaging


Any Vigorelle order is shipped in a discreet package with no signs of what is inside. Nothing identifies the product being delivered. No embarrassment and worries when a courier delivers your purchase.



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